Svadhisthana. Luxury

Natali Deus Universe Gallery

Description Of The Picture:

"Svadhisthana. Luxury" - Work in an esoteric style for healing and strengthening the second chakra - Svadhisthana! This is the Chakra Glow in the Aura - Orange, red-orange! The color of the Divine Mother, Femininity and Sexuality! Saturates Life with Abundance, a state of Pleasure, Luxury and Well-being! ... The planets patronizing the Second Chakra of Svadhisthana are Mercury and the Moon! The element of the Second Chakra of Svadhisthana is Water! Improves the spheres - Sexuality, Love, Family, fullness of Abundance and Well-being!

  • Materials: Canvas, Oil.
  • Dimensions: 70H x 100W (centimeters)
  • Year of creation: 2012
Price: 77700 £
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