Related Souls - Sahasrara

Natali Deus Universe Gallery

Description Of The Picture:

Work - "Related Soul - Sahasrara" "Related Souls - Sahasrara" from the collection - "Ice and Flame - Shining Chakras"! The picture helps to concentrate on the violet radiance, opening and improving the 7th chakra - Sahasrara! The chakra of the parietal part of the head - a thousand lotus petals open around the head and connect the mind with the Universe and Divinity! Improves the performance of the brain, relaxes and helps to consciously relate to everything in the space of life! Awareness of love in all its manifestations and as to the structure of the recovery of the triunity - Spirit, Mind and Body Love and happiness! Natalie Deus Universe

  • Materials: Canvas, Oil.
  • Dimensions: 51H x 36W (centimeters)
  • Year of creation: 2009
Price: 15500 £
Picture Mexican