Blossom * Love In A Woman

Natali Deus Universe Gallery

Description Of The Picture:

The State of Love is like Heyday! This is a new wonderful round in the Life of a Woman! Love is Everything - it is Abundance, it is full of energy of Life, Joy! Woman in love, How spellbound Gentle and gentle Feeling inconsolable Fallen pride ... WOMAN - SLAVE! . FAVORITE WOMAN Angel stored Proud arrogant Like the universe itself ... And soars like a bird WOMAN - QUEEN! . And when you’re FAVORITE, Yes, in love - You are unique Illuminated by the sun Sensual, tender Faithful, sinless Spirit serene And successful in everything, Happiness Beregina ... WOMAN - GODDESS!

  • Materials: Canvas, Oil.
  • Dimensions: 51H x 36W (centimeters)
  • Year of creation: 2004
Price: 17000 £
Picture Mexican