Lunar Lovers

Natali Deus Universe Gallery

Description Of The Picture:

Lunar Lovers - Scarlet Hearts Moonlight Love Like honey and pain! Moon Lovers - Scarlet Hearts! Happily intoxicated Sweet dream!... Feeling blinded And in the silence of centuries - hidden troubles - Of terrible fetters! ... Lunar lovers, as spellbound! Heaven for each other is a foregone conclusion! Forever connected by the moon! ... Condemned by the moon Through life and eternity Love each other - doomed! Lunar Lovers - Scarlet Hearts - Flaming Gemini, The Magic of Stars spellbound! Live in the Time Loop captive! Through life and eternity I will find Infinity! Temple of the Heart - By love, for Happiness I will build! ...

  • Materials: Paper, mixed method.
  • Dimensions: 70H x 120W (centimeters)
  • Year of creation: 2013
Price: 10000 £
Picture Mexican