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Hello Dear guests! Welcome to my Online Gallery!

Let's get acquainted! My name is Natali Deus Universe I am an Artist, Writer, Psychologist, Bioenergy - Master of Energy Practices of Reiki Usue, Kundalini, Karuna. qigong; Medium, Psychic, Healer. Model.

My online gallery is dedicated to All my Interests and All these Areas of my Activity! I was told to create different sites, different pages on social networks for each of my activities - BUT, I believe that I am one person, and All my interests - activities - these are all facets of my personality - this is me! Therefore, I will lead one space in which I combine all areas of my interests! - Here you can see my art paintings! - Read or follow the link to my poems and channelings! - Learn various information from the Sphere of Esotericism and Bioenergetics, intertwined with reasonable physical, quantum-physical, metaphysical, astrophysical - clarifications for a more Conscious perception and understanding! Even a supernatural powerful event is a quantum manifestation of the metaphysical and sometimes astrophysical Energy of Frequencies and Vibrations, Dark Matter Particles and Light Energy! - Photos from photo shoots with me! - Here you can always find Feedback and you will be answered! - My paintings always up to Infinity will have the Energy of Healing - space, psycho-semantics of color - healing and literally Divine influences the entire physical and energy structure of Everything Manifested in the World - be it a person or nature, stones or the Cosmic Universe! Healing of the Subtle Energy Bodies of the Chakras! Vacuum Luminous Shell - Biofields! Mental projections and thought forms! And even Healing at the level of the crystal lattice and the Element - the Blessed-beautiful snowflake - Water! Which literally creates Life in All Living Things and any scale of space on the Planet! For me, the most important thing is the Divine Energy, which is conducted through me - given to the World by the Higher Power! - Welcome to the space of Blessing Energy - through my art paintings! Energies of Blessing in my posts about bioenergetics! And a sincere Blessing to the Whole World on our Planet with you, and to every pure energetically and mentally - Soul! - I have no restrictions and negativity towards nationality and country (all countries are positively welcomed!), your personal preferences in self-expression and love (LGBT) are welcome and what religion you profess! The most important thing is that you be Benevolent and Sincerely disposed, love and respect Life, both your own and everyone and everything on the Planet! With Love, Respect and Happiness,

Kind Regards,
Natali Deus Universe & NDU Company

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