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My site-gallery is a collection of art paintings and various areas of my creative activity. The Gallery section is completely devoted to my art paintings and art activities.

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Invitation of cooperation on mutually beneficial business conditions

Hello, dear galleries, gallery owners, ART dealers, ART managers, ART agents, Museums, Auctions and all people who are interested in paintings and art! My name is Natali Deus Universe - Nataliya Cherkashina, but my pseudonym is Natali Deus Universe. I am an artist Painter. You can get acquainted with my paintings, my work by going to my personal international Website - Website - Gallery Natali Deus Universe -

And also I am an extraordinary versatile person - Artist Painter, Psychologist, Writer - I write stories, poems and articles, I write a lot about mysticism and channeling; In 2007, I published my own book in Russian "Money × SEX ÷ Alisa = Love", this is a mystical thriller - a novel, in hard glossy cover, I personally illustrated the cover, flyleaf and all illustrations. My book was included in the collection of our Odessa City Library in Ukraine, which will fly to the National International University because my book has an international barcode. I have also been a psychic since birth, now it's called - Bioenergetics, Master of Reiki Energy Healing, Healer and Medium, I'm fond of Modeling - Model. I am a Ukrainian Artist Painter, I live in Ukraine in the city of Odessa. I have a higher education, I graduated from the Odessa National International University named after I.I. Mechnikov, Faculty of Clinical Psychology - a diploma of Clinical Psychologist, and I also graduated from the Odessa Art Academy named after Grekov - painting, graphics. I really want to interest you and everyone who will show interest in my work and create mutually beneficial business relationships, sales and exhibitions of my paintings, my work, of course, all reciprocity on mutually beneficial terms! Earlier in 2004 - 2005, I contacted the Sotheby's International Auction in London, Great Britain. The department of Ukrainian and Russian creativity, namely the employee of the department in those years - Ekaterina Scheka, answered me that she entered my paintings into the database of the Sotheby's Auction, This is what Ekaterina Scheka wrote to me in an official letter from Sotheby's. Me and my paintings, my creativity is open to the whole world. I try to radiate light and give Energy - frequencies and vibrations of Goodness, Love, Abundance and Prosperity to everyone who looks at my paintings and my work!!! I will be glad to everyone who wants to create a serious mutually beneficial business cooperation with me! You can get acquainted with my paintings, my work by going to my personal international Website - Website - Gallery Natali Deus Universe -

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I was born a

My artistic activity

My writing is rather the transmission of Channeling information that penetrates into my consciousness in a meditative state! I also write down my thoughts and conspiracies in rhyme, for luck and support. In stories I write mystical and bioenergetic information. - Link

I was born a Bioenergetic!

Bioenergy in today's world is a big concept that includes esotericism, spiritual and religious branches, mysticism, occultism, healing, extrasensory perception and the like! Many people study and practice this! ... I am a Bioenergetic from birth! Healing, seeing energies, auras, biofields - people, animals, plants and the whole World, seeing the dead, as well as different essences and energies, seeing cosmic objects and creatures in space, other spaces and dimensions, just being in a light meditative trance condition - it was always in me! At first, I thought that all people see and live with it, but then as I grew up and communicated with other peers and adults, I realized that I was very different from other people! In my section - Bioenergy, I want to highlight those interests that I Know and with the Highest permission I can write openly for everyone! ...

Modeling - My work as a model

My modeling activity is an easy passion for the World of photography and beauty, capable of conveying interests, emotions and even fantasy performances! This is a way to penetrate into that part of human Souls, which gives an impulse, like a starlight! ✨