Chakra Ajna

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Description Of The Picture:

Chakra Ajna - A picture fr om the exhibition series "Ice and Fire" on an esoteric theme - Chakras. This picture is painted - Ajna Chakra - Frontal Third Eye Chakra - Chakra responsible for Clairvoyance, Oversight, Intuition and Logic. Its color is Blue, but as is customary in the countries of the East and India, in the area of ​​the eyebrows, enlightened people put a red dot-drop of red color - Bindi (Hindi बिंदी “dot, drop”) in Hinduism is a sign of truth: the color dot that Hindus draw in the center of the forehead, the so-called "third eye"; a kind of tilaka. ... The interest of the hippy and techno-movement in India led bindi to Europe and America, wh ere it has turned from a spiritual symbol into a fashionable detail! ... This picture Cleans the Ajna Chakra and Strengthens the Energy of this Chakra, giving the person answers to his innermost questions and thoughts! Happiness and love!

  • Materials: Oil, Canvas.
  • Dimensions:

    35 W × 55 H (centimeters),

    13.78 W × 21.65 H (Inches)

  • Style: Contemporary Art
  • Year of creation: 2010
Price: Sales. To a private collection

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Natali Deus Universe - Chakra Ajna
Natali Deus Universe - Chakra Ajna 01
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