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Description Of The Picture:

EKHNATON. EKHNATON - The picture is written in ancient Egyptian - KHEMET - theme with ancient KHEMET symbols. This is a PAIR Painting, i.e. she goes with the picture - ISSIDA-ISIS and is paired together! They contain the Masculine Divine Beginning and the Feminine Divine Beginning, and also carry a strong energy - Money - of male materialism, Family Hearth, the Symbol of Family and Motherhood - Feminine Divinity!

  • Materials: Oil, Canvas.
  • Dimensions:

    45 W × 60 H (centimeters),

    17.72 W × 23.62 H (Inches)

  • Style: Contemporary Art
  • Year of creation: 2005
Price: £ 1,000,000

The process of purchasing a painting

Payment Methods

Natali Deus Universe Gallery accepts the following payment methods. Payment by credit card, bank transfer, cashier's check, cash.

We also accept payment by cryptocurrency - Bitcoin & Ethereum.

Legal Formalities

Delivery will be carried out by UK Post, or DHL, anywhere in the world, delivery is free for the customer.

Shipping & Packaging

The painting is legally certified as a valuable art by a notary, and a contract for the purchase of valuable art is drawn up by a notary. Which gives ownership rights and increased financial value for the buyer.

Natali Deus Universe - EKHNATON
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