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Description Of The Picture:

The word Geisha - consists of two characters - Gay and Xia, which means - Man and Art! The first geisha were men who worked as jesters at banquets in yukaku. Later, mainly women became Geisha. Their main task was Knowledge of Tea Art and Possession of various branches of Art as a whole - Playing musical instruments, dancing, singing and theater art! Geishas in yukaku were forbidden to sleep and even sit next to yujo clients, wear bright kimonos, combs and kanzashi in their hair ...
Graphic picture - perfectly conveys the Energy of Femininity and the Graceful Attraction of a Geisha, like a beautiful butterfly! ...
Happiness and love!

  • Materials: Pencil, Paper.
  • Dimensions:

    30 W × 60 H (centimeters),

    11.81 W × 23.62 H (Inches)

  • Style: Conceptual
  • Year of creation: 2014
Price: £ 10,000

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Natali Deus Universe - Geisha
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