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Description Of The Picture:

In the portrayal of Maria Magdalena by Isabelle Adjani, the soul gracefully navigates the vast expanse of life's ocean. With each brushstroke, a journey unfolds, where the depths of emotion and spirituality intertwine. Adjani's depiction encapsulates the essence of Maria Magdalena's journey, evoking a sense of wonder and introspection as the soul glides through the boundless realm of existence.

  • Materials: Oil, Canvas.
  • Dimensions:

    55 W × 80 H (centimeters),

    21.65 W × 31.5 H (Inches)

  • Style: Conceptual
  • Year of creation: 1998
  • Victory: Best Painting of the Week (JAG)
Price: £ 1,000,000

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Natali Deus Universe - Maria
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